Diabetic Foot Ulcer

29 April 2013

About 2 months ago my dad, who is diabetic, ripped off part of a callous that was bothering him on his left foot, causing a wound. He didn’t tell anyone about it until 3 days later, when it was infected. I learned about it a few days after that, when my mom called and said it was going to be 4 weeks before he could get in to see the wound specialists at the hospital, and asked if I had any essential oils that could help with the infection. I have a friend whose father died 2 weeks after getting a diabetic ulcer on his foot from stepping on something in his garden, so I began treatments immediately. We used thyme in hot foot baths and hot compresses together with Redmond Real Salt to drain the pus from the wounds. The first time I saw the wound you see here, it was closed up and filled with pus, and there were three additional pus-filled blisters extending across the bottom of his foot. These are secondary infections. We also used Cypress to help his circulation and increase blood flow to the wounds. Many times daily we applied On Guard to kill germs, and Lavender and Frankincense to magnify the beneficial effects of the other oils and to promote healing.

This photo was taken four weeks later on our first visit to the wound center at the hospital, on April 29, 2013. Absolutely no infection, just a nice, clean wound. They helped us out a lot by beginning to whittle down the callous that originally caused the wound. They also gave us a new pad for the boot he wears on that foot, designed with a hole where the wound is. We learned that a wound like that cannot heal when it has constant pressure on it. They also told us that he should start taking a protein supplement, because when your body has to heal a wound you need 130g of protein daily. We used Garden of Life‘s Raw Protein, a raw, vegan, organic protein formula.

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